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Teaching ESL students

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on teaching ESL students. I have several recent Pathway program graduates in my Comm 175 class this semester, and I am finding that many of them are struggling to understand instructions and are falling behind…

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33 Replies · Reply by Christy Lively 4 minutes ago

SMART Goals...

There were a lot of instructors that asked if I would take and extract the SMART goal section of the Instructor Development Learning Plan video for use with students.  So I thought to myself "self, these instructors are brilliant, and the video…

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16 Replies · Reply by Patty Bingham 22 minutes ago

Proctoring Exams

I have had a couple of members of my ward who are also students at BYU-I ask me if I can proctor their exams because I'm an instructor with BYU-I. I was not sure if that was appropriate or not because: 1. I would consider members of my ward friends,…

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2 Replies · Reply by Shalyce Cluff 3 hours ago

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