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A simple glance can reach "the one"

We have exams every other week in American Foundations. I like to keep all of the exam scores visible as the semester progresses. As the scores come in every other week, I am able to quickly glance at the scores and see trends for both the overall class, but, more importantly, for students as well. This last week I noticed that a high-performing student did quite poorly on our most recent test. Her score was not consistent with her performance in the rest of the course. I decided to shoot her a short email telling her to keep her head up and avoid discouragement. I reminded her how hard she works on a weekly basis and that she's a great student. I received a reply from student thanking me for noticing and for caring. The week of the last exam had been particularly hard for her. She appreciated the encouragement.

While I regularly pray for my students, I also try to utilize the data in my course to help get a snapshot of my students. Combining pray with resources can be powerful! By strategically using the data in the grade book, a simple glance can help me to know which of my students may need some extra attention. It helps me reach the one.

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  • Thanks for the reminder, Jane! 

    Like Erin mentioned below, I've been using the messenger feature within I-Learn to quickly send students a message as I'm grading and notice things like this -- one of the things (okay, some days the only thing? ;) that I love about IL3). 

    I still have my original class list stuffed in my prayer journal next to my bed to help me remember to pray for individual students. It's pretty marked up and dog-eared at this point in the semester, and your thought has spurred me to maybe print out a new one and see if I can include some grade info so I can "combine" my prayers with the resources we have. 


  • Thanks for your example of being dedicated to your students and sensitive to their needs.

  • Thank you for your insight to reach the one.

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoyed you thoughts and insights Jane.

  • Jane, I love using the instant message feature to quickly reach out to the one. Thanks for sharing a positive example of how information and the Spirit can work together to help the instructor go after the one.

  • Great suggestion, Jane. What do you find is the best way to use the IL3 tools as a resource to reach the one? I know you mentioned exam scores, but I don't have regular exams in my course. I'm wondering about using the regular "subtotal" columns or about any other tools teachers use to help them get a broader picture of what students are struggling with in the course - or who to reach out to individually. Thanks for sharing your example.

  • Jane, I love the idea of "combining praying with resources" to help identify students who need help. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing, Jane! Excellent example of combining faith and works to help our students!

  • Beautiful, Jane. Thank you for sharing your experience.
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