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Gathering Manna

Welcome new BYU-Idaho instructors.  We are thankful that you are here and are preparing to start teaching in the coming weeks and days.  This experience will be a blessing in your lives, and will be a blessing to many students as well.

As you explore your online instruction community and your course before the semester starts, I invite you to pay special attention to our instructor standards...not only because these are the criteria by which we are all evaluated, but because I feel these standards can guide your efforts in becoming a fabulous,  BYU-Idaho-style online instructor.

I read recently with my family the story of Moses and the Israelites when the Lord sends them manna and quail to sustain them (Exodus 16).  I was impressed that the Israelites were commanded to not take any more than they could consume in a day.  Anything more would just spoil.  Hoarding was not an effective strategy.  Daily reliance on, and faith in the Lord was how they survived.

The spiritual analogy there is clear. We can't rely solely on spiritual lessons stored-up from seminary, EFY or missions.  We need to seek the Lord out every day.  In a similar fashion, you have just experienced a smorgasbord in certification and bridge training.  That may carry you for a little, but you'll want to establish a regular habit of coming to this community to teach and learn with your teaching group.  Don't consume more than you can implement (or run faster than you have strength). But DO plan on visiting regularly to share your lessons learned and gather wisdom from others.

Might I recommend you start by perusing some great ongoing discussions on our instructor standards.  Feel free to add your own comments and questions:

Instructor Standard #1: Building Faith in Christ

Instructor Standard #2: Developing Relationships With and Among Students

Instructor Standard #3: Inspire a Love for Learning

Instructor Standard #4: Embrace University Citizenship

Instructor Standard #5. Seek Developmental Opportunities

Thank you again, and welcome (back) to BYU-Idaho.

~Joel Galbraith, Online Instruction Director

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  • Some good stuff is provided here on how we should develop standards in our online teaching.  Thanks for sharing.

  • This is just a tad late but thank you for the welcome to the online teaching community and I look forward to utilizing all the resources and tools available to me here. It has been fun getting better acquainted with I-learn and learning how to better teach and communicate with the students in my course. I look forward to getting to know you all better and becoming more familiar and comfortable here.

    • Hi somehow I missed this section. I am learning so much. I must say at this time in the semester I feel extremely thankful for all I have learned and look forward to learning so much more. I understand more about daily manna.
      • I'm glad this has been helpful and that you feel you have grown and learned all semester. I hope you've enjoyed your math class.

        • Thank you. I have absolutely loved it! I am so thankful for the Pathways Program. The first time the missionaries talked about it in our ward, I felt the Spirit so strongly that I went home and started telling everybody I could think of about it. It is a wonderful and inspired program. It has been a great joy to see it blessing the lives of our amazing students all over the world! I have especially enjoyed watching and helping my students grow and reach for a better future. It really is absolutely wonderful!

  • Thank you for the welcome!  I feel fortunate that I have such a great support system of older and newer instructors to discuss and learn from.

    I appreciate the analogy you gave.  Sometimes I rely on my Sunday worship to get me through the week, but when I take time each and everyday to study and ponder I can see the huge difference in my life.  Thank you for the reminder that daily study is what will get us through, not the experiences from days gone by.

  • Thanks for the welcome and for the insights. There is so much to focus on and keep insight. I am glad there is such a great support group to assist us along the way.

  • I wonder if the Israelites were ever a little confused, worried, or unsure of themselves when it came to gathering Manna? If so, I'd fit in really well in my anxieties of being a new online instructor!! Hope to get used to this like they did with manna (minus the complaining, of course!).

  • Thanks for the warm welcome. I graduated from BYU-Idaho not yet two years ago. I'm happy to giving back in some form now.

  • I'm excited for this online community and I know that with everyone's support I'll do just fine!

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