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Process Improvement - My Grades Window

Is there a process for I-Learn 3.0 suggested improvements? When I am in the My Grades > Grades > Enter Grades > whether in Standard view or spreadsheet view, when I scroll to the right to view lesson data, the Save/Cancel and the button that takes you to the next page of students disappears. Those navigation items need to remain accessible when scrolling across the page. Also, why can't I change the setting so I see 20 or 50 students at a time instead of only 10. This really cuts into grading inefficiencies.


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  • I do know your suggestion is on the improvement docket. I'm not sure when it will be worked on and implemented, though.

    You can change the 20 or 50 students at at time view. If you hide/show columns or collapse the categories, then your option to view the number of students at time will change. For some reason when you have a lot of grade items being viewed all at once, the system reduces the number of students you can see at one time.

    • Brad,

      Thank you for the update. On the Enter Grades screen the number of students listed is 10 and it is fixed. I can't change it to 20 or 40, etc.

      • Yes, I described the solution in my previous post. Did you give that a try?

        • Once I followed your solution it worked. Thank you.

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