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If you're a new instructor, then transferring your announcements, or at least a template of them, from semester to semester is a great idea you may want to consider. If you're a veteran who likes to carry over their announcements from semester to semester, then you will want to pay attention.

In I-Learn 3, when you go to transfer your announcements, you're copying and pasting them from the old course to the new one or to a Word document. Whether you are copying them in the visual editor or html editor, you will encounter the same bug with images and video notes.

The Problem With Transferring Images

As an instructor, you can copy your past announcements and paste them in your next semester announcements. It will appear as if all is well, but the images you placed in a course last semester are hosted in that past course. Your current students will not have access to those images or be able to see them. If you wish to transfer images so current students can see them, you should save the images separately to upload in the new announcement.

The Problem With Video Notes

Video notes have a similar issue as pictures. They are hosted in the course they were made in, and just copying and pasting the announcement text will not carry them over to the new course. However, you can transfer a video note made in a previous course to a new course. Simply follow these instructions for transferring video notes.

What Doesn't Have Problems

*Embedded videos, **external hyperlinks, and text. These items, if copied and pasted, will transfer over to your new course as long as the original video or hyperlink is still active. To test this, simply click on the hyperlink or watch the embedded video to see if it still works. If so, then it will transfer when you copy and paste.

*Embedded videos are videos that come from another, 3rd-party source such as YouTube or Kaltura and play within your course.

**External hyperlinks are links that connect to places outside of I-Learn 3. Internal links are links that connect within your course, for example, to a content instruction page or discussion board. Internal links will not work if simply copied and pasted from one semester's course to another.

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  • Tyler, if I copy my HTML code from last semester's announcements into the HTML code box in this semester's announcements, will I run into the same issue? I have been doing it this way and have not heard from any students that they are unable to see my images. I do have to update my course links in my notes, but the images seem to be coming through. 

    • I'm really confused about this too because I have been copying my HTML code each semester and I've asked my students several times if they can see the images and the answer is always yes. (And they are from jpg files loaded into the previous course not URLs.)

      • Yeah, my students have also reported that they have had no problem viewing the images. I often post comics and will get emails responding to the humor, so I think it is working. I remember when I first piloted last Winter that the images did not copy over, but I haven't had an issue in recent semesters, so maybe this was something included in one of the maintenance updates?

        • Hooray!  That simplifies my life so much!  Thank you for sharing your experience as well!

      • Really?!  If that is the case, that would be amazing.  I would love to not have to store them anywhere else and just be able to copy the html codes.  Maybe you could ask one of your students to send you a screenshot of one of your announcements, just to make sure!?

  • I also host all my videos and images on an external site, then I save both a screenshot of the announcement and the html code.  To save the html code just click the </> at the bottom right-hand corner of the editor.  Copy/paste the code (I keep all this in OneNote).  To insert the announcement into a new course, click the </> and paste the code.  No errors, formatting stays the same, and all of the pictures and videos work :)

  • This was a comment by Sam when I originally posted this elsewhere. I wanted to make sure it was included here, however, since many people could derive value from it:


    • Tyler,

      Great points!  One thing that I started doing with my announcements in I-Learn 3.0 is to not store the images or video notes inside the course, but host them externally.  I use Screencast.com to store my images and then Kaltrua (video.byui.edu) to build and embed any videos (of course other externally hosted sites would work as well as long as the URL for the image has the extension at the end (e.g., .jpg, .png, .gif) at the end.  Here is an example: 


      I built a video for a fellow instructor to show them how to do this process of adding images into the announcement:


    • I tried this and got too much "Bandwidth" on Screencast because my pages were getting so many views.  I called Screencast and they said that if there are too many views, you cannot have access to the content for the rest of that month so I decided to just post the pictures in my course.  Maybe it's because I just use too many pictures though and others would not run into that problem--I do not know!  I would be interested to hear others' experiences with this.

      • I had the same problem. I tried hosting my images on screencast at the beginning of the semester, but within 2 days I had hundreds of views and used up all of my bandwidth. I have no idea how that happened. I've been following the conversation on alternatives and appreciate all the ideas. 

        • Hopefully just copying and pasting the announcement works.  I'm trying that for an announcement I have that is posting tomorrow, so we will see if my students are able to see the images or not.  An instructor that is "observing" my course was able to see everything.

This reply was deleted.

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