Change a Student's Grade OR Submit Late Grades

Final grades for Fall 2016 are due to the Registrar's Office by noon on Wednesday, December 21st. Fall semester officially ends on Friday, December 16th. Congratulations to all our instructors and students! We're nearing the end of fall semester. 

Follow these instructions for submitting final grades in I-Learn 3

Though you will have until December 21st to submit final grades, we encourage all who are able to try to submit final grades in advance of the deadline. If you're waiting on just one or two students to finish, submit all your other grades while you wait for those last students. You may also choose to submit 0 grades in the interim and then go back and change any necessary grades after the final deadline. 

Changing a Student's Submitted Grade OR Submitting Late Grades

Once the December 21st grading deadline has passed, if you need to change any grades from Fall semester, you must use the electronic grade change system created by the Registrar's Office that allows instructors to request a change of grade online. All online instructors will be required to follow this process when requesting a change to a student's grade or when submitting late grades.

Access the Grade Change Portal at The grade change system automatically routes change requests to the applicable supervisor in Online Instruction for approval and then routes them to Student Records and Registration for entry onto the student’s transcript. Just click on "+New Request" Once entered, an email notification of the change will be sent back to the instructor as well as to the student.

As you come to learn the functionality of this electronic process, you may wish to review this list of Frequently Asked Questions.pdf.  Additionally, you are welcome to contact the Registrar's Office at or (208) 496-1025 if you need assistance or have other questions.

Pathway Grades

Note - Pathway courses are not routed through the Registrar's Office, and as such do not follow the same process for submitting late grades. If your grades need to be updated in a Pathway course, just follow the regular Pathway final grading process as shown here.

LDSBC Students

Note - If you have an LDSBC student in your class, their name will not show up on your final grading roster. As long as the grade that shows up is final, it will be submitted manually to LDSBC after the close of the semester.

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  • How do I change a grade from Fall 2015? I also need to see his grade widget before I change it. This is a pathway class, Math 100L.

    • Hi Lea,

      For Pathway-specific classes that old, I would contact the Pathway Support Center directly. It may be that you need to send all the pertinent grading changes to them. They should also be able to work to get you the access to the Pathway class you need.

      Heather C.

      • Thanks.

  • Heather, this has already come in handy, so I thank you!

  • Is this the same for pathway grades?

    • No, Shelley, actually Pathway grades don't go through the Registrar's Office and are kept on a different system that's used Church-wide. The process for submitting late Pathway grades is actually easier. You follow the same process you do from the I-Learn Gradebook that instructors use prior to the deadline. Here's a rundown: 

      • Thanks for the clarification that Pathway grades are not included.

      • Thanks so much!  I've only taught 2 pathway semesters and I've never had to do a grade change for that and now need to do that.  I'm assuming you can just change it in this same window as the video shows how to submit the grades originally.

        • Yep! Pathway pulls them every so often to get the most recent updates.

          • Thank you so much!  :)

This reply was deleted.