Managing Student Adds and Drops

Monday, April 24th is the official last day to add classes for Spring semester. Make sure you have given adequate introductory and welcome information to all of the late adds you may have to your class.

Here are a few tips for managing the adds and drops in your classes: 

  1. Minimize your workload by limiting the send date for your welcome e-mail until a week or so before the semester begins. Once the semester begins, it does become necessary to check on adds/drops daily during the Introduction week.
  2. Use the Add/Drop History Report in your mybyui Faculty tab to get an overview of adds and drops by date. First log into and click on your Faculty tab. Choose "Add/Drop History" from the drop down "Select Area" menu for your class. Add/Drop History will take you to a page identifying adds and drops by date and time. There may be multiple pages to this report. In addition, if a student is listed as both Registering and Dropping at the exact same date and time, that is most likely an add to the course.
  3. Cross reference your Add/Drop History against your Faculty tab class list and I-Learn class lists. From the Faculty tab, choose your current semester and course, and click on "Class List" from the drop-down menu of class options.

When displayed, the Class List will show you the dates students have added the course under the Status column 

  • Pathway Note: Pathway courses do not have Class Lists available through the Faculty tab nor mybyui. Class lists must be managed and maintained through Grades in I-Learn 3.0. Instructors should click on "Grades" from the My Grades menu for options to "Export" a class list as a .csv file for easier management.

More details on how to export a Class List file from I-Learn 3 can be found in I-Learn 3 Tutorials: Of note, you do not need to select any assignments or grades to export when exporting your Class List from the I-Learn 3 Grades tool. 

  • The Drop Deadline for full semester classes is Tuesday, May 9th
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  • Hey... This was awesome information!  Thanks Heather!

  • Thanks for the refresher.

  • Heather, the stars are aligned!  I've been wondering these things forever!   I was very unaware of these features and sure didn't know where to go to find out if students had for sure dropped or just weren't participating.  Very helpful!  Thank you!

    Dave Brubaker - FDREL 200

  • Thank you so much for your reply.  I have appreciated all of the information that I have been given in this exchange.  So thank you all.

  • I have the same issue as others: a student wants to add my class. Can I add them? How? If not, where do I point them to?

    • Send them to the Online Support Center, Vince. You cannot add them yourself. 

  • This was super helpful. Thank you Heather!

  • I just received an email from a student in Russia.  She wants to add my class.  She said she had spoken with registration and that they told her to contact me.  I did not think that I was authorized to add students.  What can I tell her?

    • I've had similar requests and you actually can have her added if you contact the online support center. I think registration is telling students that instructors can add them, but I don't think that holds true for online classes (someone please correct me here if I'm wrong). When I tried going through the registration office to add my student, they said they couldn't do it since I'm online and transferred me to the support center.  

      • Correct, Rebecca. Unlike campus instructors, online instructors cannot add students to their courses themselves. Sometimes this is misunderstood by students. Instead, students must make the request through the Support Center. The Support Center manages the wait lists and total cap sizes as well as pre-requisites, etc.

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