What's New in I-Learn 3 in Winter '17?

There are some updates to I-Learn 3 that we want all teachers to know about for Winter Semester 2017. All of these updates will be available to teachers by Saturday December 31st, 2016. 

Watch the video below to see an explanation of each update along with some recommended best practices for the use of new feature:

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  • Awesome, this is very helpful.  Thank you.

    Do we use the exempt feature for those Pathway students who are excused from the gatherings?

    • Yes.
  • First off, this whole video was so helpful! Thank you!

    Also, do you know what it looks like to students when we exempt grades?

  • --Update--

    We forgot to mention that instructors can also receive quiz attempt notifications. It works just like the Assignment Submission email notifications highlighted in the video. 

    • I love so many of these! Thanks so much for sharing!

      How do you get into the quiz attempt notifications? I am not seeing that option when I go into the quizzes.


      • Go into the quiz settings and it's at the bottom of the page. You might have to expand more options at the bottom of the page. There is also a IL3 Help Guide on this as well. 

    • This merits a major WAHOO!!! Thanks for sharing. 

  • These are so great! I am so excited, especially with the 'exempt' feature. I hate seeing all those blank spaces in the gradebook for group discussions! I am also excited to be able to link to my announcements when sending out a class email. 

    Thank you for sharing these and for always keeping us informed of the latest and greatest!

  • The Class Engagement tool looks like a great addition with lots of versatility. Im wondering if the gradebook has a display for students who submit an assignment after the due date/time? I think I-Learn 2 had a marker for late assignments. Does IL3 do the same?

    • IL3 does display/notify if an assignment has been turned in late. However, it is only displayed for assignments, not quizzes or discussions. It is displayed for teachers in the Assignment tool while grading, not in gradebook. 

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