Where can I Learn about I-Learn 3?

Starting in Winter 2017, the I-Learn 3 Group in the community will be dissolved and the I-Learn 3 Forum will become the new home for helpful information, tips, and tricks for I-Learn 3! Currently we are moving discussions from the Group to that Forum, so if you haven anything bookmarked in the group it will not be accessible by that link soon.

For those of you who haven't been able to get to the forum yet the following two images should be of assistance as you seek to find your way into the I-Learn 3 Forums!

         (1) From the Navigation Bar: By hovering over the "Forums" section of the navigation bar, a drop down menu appears. Clicking on I-Learn 3 will take you into the forums!

          (2) From the Home Page: If you are on the Home Page, you can scroll down past the navigation bar and the banner to find a widget to the right that contains tabs for the community forums. When the I-Learn 3 tab is selected, you can click "View All" (see image) to view all posts for I-Learn 3!

Once inside the I-Learn 3 Forum you can see all discussions that we've had here in the main community space, you will also be able to sort by topics. Some are listed across the top of the screen and others will be under the "More" tab off to the left, the following screenshot shows you where those are so you can filter your view based on your selection!

We want to retain as much knowledge as we can about working with I-Learn 3 and by consolidating all these discussions to one place will make it easier to find helpful content! If you have any questions please comment below!

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  • Robert, thank you for letting us know. Are the tutorials still available? Those were really helpful. 

    • Never mind, I found them. 

  • Thanks for the scoop!  As an I-Learn 3 newb, I'll be checking that forum often!  

  • Thanks for letting us know, Robert.  I'm cooking up an IL3 goal for next semester, so I'll start with getting through all the handy tips and tricks in the forum..

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