Theme - Disciple Leaders: Improving Teaching at a Disciple Preparation Center (DPC)

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Theme - Disciple Leaders: Improving Teaching at a Disciple Preparation Center (DPC)

BYUIdaho is not just a university. You are not merely university students. Studying here involves much more than taking tests and performing well in academic classes...there are essential lessons to be learned and preparations to be made at this DPC by the Lord’s latter-day disciples. ~Elder David A. Bednar

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3 Lessons to be learned at a DPC:

  1. A disciple’s faith is focused upon the Son of God.
  2. A disciple recognizes that faith in the Savior is a spiritual gift and appropriately seeks for that gift in his or her life.
  3. A disciple’s faith in the Savior and spiritual preparation dispel fear.

Questions you might Ponder and Discuss:

  • How can we help our students learn the three DPC lessons Elder Bednar outlined?
  • How do we help extend the DPC experience online for us and our students who may not be in close proximity to a temple, or strong stakes of Zion?
  • What are some ways that Christ prepared his disciples? How might you prepare your students in a like manner?
  • Compare and contrast what your students and Christ's disciples are/were being prepared for.
  • How can you make your course feel like a temple of learning?
  • What is the role of an online instructor in a DPC?

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  • I love this theme! I hope to be a part of making this course a temple of learning by teaching my students how to look beyond the symbols of the Law of Moses to the truths about Christ...

  • Excellent talk and questions to consider. This is one I have thought about the most--How can you make your course feel like a temple of learning? The temple is always clean, organized, timely, and the Spirit is there. Of course that is foundational and from there comes great learning. By praying before starting each class and being prepared spiritually I can address the concerns and give appropriate feedback. More thoughts on this will come but these are my initial thoughts.Since most good starts in the home my wife and I can make sure our home is a place for the Spirit to reside.

    There is no short cut to success in any endeavor and this quote supports that thought.

    "Just as the Salt Lake Temple took 40 years to build, stone by stone, you are building a virtuous life, step by step."—Mary N. Cook

    • Garry--Great thoughts about the temple.  I love that quote, too.  So if it takes me 40 years to finish building my class, I'm in good company then, right? :)  

      (As I re-made a certain screencast for my class this morning, for the 3rd time in 2 years, I realized that I will probably always be building, and never be "done.")

      • Alisha, I appreciate the feedback and glad I am not the only one struggling with screencast. May we always be building and look forward to learning from you and the others in the future. 

  • I'm getting an EdD through an online Christian university right now.  I think I used the Bible more in my first two semesters than I ever did as a student at BYU.  In some ways, it feels forced.  However, I think they do a really good job of incorporating the ideals of Christianity into every assignment we do and helping us see how we can be better Christians in our career and how our career and assignments apply to our Christianity.  I think as an instructor I can do a better job of helping my students apply the principles to gospel living.  It all applies, but sometimes I need to do better at showing them how.  

  • Great theme!  Thanks for your great video and focus for the Winter Semester.   My students are reading this talk this week in Lesson 3 in the Pathway GS 120L course and are learning the skill of becoming a better disciple leader.  Each semester I am so grateful for my opportunity to reread this talk by Elder Bednar and discuss it with my students in the discussion boards.  Today I posted this great quote in my announcement :

    I remember an instructor who made a profound difference in my life as a BYU-Idaho online student because of her Christlike charity she showed towards me personally - it strengthened my faith in the Savior.   In my course I hope that I can help my course feel like a temple of learning is to make sure that my announcements, responses, and feedback invite the students to strengthen their faith in the Savior.  Also in my communication with my students I try to encourage them to strengthen their faith and encourage them to be more Christlike.  

    For example, currently I have a student from the Philippines, yesterday she expressed some frustration with her husband who is also in the Pathway Program in I-Learn 3.0 instant message.  I encouraged her to be patient and understanding with him because everyone is at a different spiritual level.  Today she responded to me and I was so happy to see that she looked at the situation with much more Christlike charity and compassion: 

    • I love the meme, thanks Jenny. 

      • Thanks David! :)   I also love this quote from David Bednar's DPC, "A disciple of Christ is one who is following and learning to be like Christ—learning to think, to feel, and to act as He does...A disciple is one who loves the Lord and serves Him with all of his or her heart, might, mind, and strength."  I'm still trying to be like Jesus....but I still have a ways to go. 

        • Yes, Jenny--thanks for the excellent meme! I'm going to use it this week.  That's a great quote you pulled from Elder Bednar's devotional, too.  It applies to us as instructors, and to our students as disciple-leaders as well.

          • Hello Alisha, Thanks for your response.   I love finding meme's like this, the church is doing a great job creating meme's like this.

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