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  • Thanks Jerrod! ¬†This was useful.

    Best wishes,

    Eileen Nuffer

  • Is there anyway to delete multiple posts? It took some time to go through and delete each discussion from last semester so that we could start fresh.

    • Stacey, great question! We just learned how to do this recently, if you go to "Manage Pages" under options and click on the forum page on the left hand tab, you can delete the page by clicking the red trashcan at the bottom. (See image below)

      CAUTION: If you do this, you will need to recreate a forum space for your Teaching Group by clicking the "Add Page" section on the Left and then changing the page type in the page editor. This will also mean you will need to re-link to your new forum on the home page so that your teaching group members can get to it.

      • Thanks Robert. I will save this for next semester!

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