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Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Where in the world do I go for help with this?!?" BYU-Idaho Online Learning has many resources designed to help our instructors succeed, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to get answers and solutions for your burning questions and issues.

The Instructor Support Model infographic is designed as a Level 1 support resource for our online instructors. It is not meant to capture all of the different places an online instructor could go to for help, but rather it is designed to list the 7 most common resources available. It lists the person or resource and the reasons why you could contact them. To the right is the contact information, sometimes a phone number, but often a website or URL. Feel free to:

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  • Thank you Brad.  Love the graphic and the post. 

  • Thank you for this great information!

  • I love a good infographic! Thanks for your effort on this. Very helpful. ;-)

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