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Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Where in the world do I go for help with this?!?" BYU-Idaho Online Learning has many resources designed to help our instructors succeed, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to get answers and solutions for your burning questions and issues.

The Instructor Support Model infographic is designed as a Level 1 support resource for our online instructors. It is not meant to capture all of the different places an online instructor could go to for help, but rather it is designed to list the 7 most common resources available. It lists the person or resource and the reasons why you could contact them. To the right is the contact information, sometimes a phone number, but often a website or URL. Feel free to:

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  • This is such an excellent resource.  For the Pathway folks, do you know if there is a similar graphic that includes Pathway Support and Pathway Advising? 

    • There is no need for that. Pathway Support and Advising are for students, not instructors. (unless you wanted to refer a student directly to Pathway Advising.) Either way, if you had a need like that, you should contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center. They are equipped to forward Pathway requests to the appropriate offices. Isn't that nice! A one-stop shop for all online instructors! :) Does that make sense?

      • Okay, thanks Brad.  This is a complete change of info for me!  It's been my understanding that as Pathway Instructors we should always contact Pathway Support when we have Pathway-specific questions.  And we've been encouraged lately to use Pathway Advising as a way to reach out to our struggling students.

        Thanks for the clarification, Brad.  I have a lot of steps to re-trace with a lot of folks. ;)

        • The scenario of contacting Pathway Advising is a valid one, but if you contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center, they will be able to get it to advising. The idea is not to split up Pathway and BYU-I instructors when it comes to support.

          • Great feedback, Alisha. I'll pass this one on to Jerrod. Sounds potentially like a routing issue internally, but I'm not sure at this point. Stay tuned!

          • Brad--As of last week I'm pointing my people to the Support Center with their questions.  (We are all Pathway people in my group.)  

            Just got this from an instructor in my TG: "I just called Online Support about a student having trouble with quizzes. Since the Pathway student doesn't have an I-number, it is hard for them to do anything. They were able to open a ticket under my I-number and look at the quizzes in question though. I think the fact that Pathway students don't have an I-number throws the support staff off sometimes and they don't think they can help. This may mean the Online Support staff just need some additional training in cases of Pathway related questions."

            I'm sharing this just as a bit of feedback . . . like she said, maybe the Online Support Staff just needs more training?  Should I pass it on to Jerrod G.?

            • This is an interesting dilemma Alisha. From one point of view this is a course issue, which has to be addressed by the Online Support Center because they are courses created by BYU-Idaho albeit administered to Pathway students. On the other hand, this is a Pathway student issue because they cannot access quizzes which might be addressed by Pathway Support. It probably depends on how the issue is presented to the OSC. If an instructor says "I have some quizzes that appear to be set up wrong" that would be best handled by the OSC. If the instructor says "I have some Pathway students who can't access my quizzes." Well, that's when it gets complicated since the OSC doesn't have access to Pathway Student data. I will give this as an example in my next meeting with Pathway Support and we will work through the issue.

              • Jerrod, I could be wrong, but I think that with your last example, it shouldn't matter who the students are. If any student can't access a quiz, shouldn't it be treated as a course setup/support issue?

                • Not if it is user error....maybe.

      • Well! If the new director of the BYU-Idaho Support Center signs off on this comment, it must be true! :)

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