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I am looking for President Gilbert's All Employees Conference Address where he spoke of the Student Success study.  I have looked high and low and haven't been able to get a copy of the transcript or a link to the video.  Does anyone know where to find it?

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  • Are you referring to the address he gave at the All-Employee Conference on Friday, February 5th, 2016 Troy? Did you look in

    • Jerrod,  I can't remember it it was February or later.  Wasn't there one that was later in the year?  When I go to the link you provided there are a lot of great talks, but I didn't actually see President Gilbert's talk.

      • The key here probably is terminology. The university holds one "All-Employee Conference" each year on the first Friday in February. However, the university holds several "All-Employee Meetings" several times a year and often more than once a semester. We also hold one "Online Instructor Conference" usually towards the end of June each year, and we typically have an "All Employee Banquet" at the beginning of September. President Gilbert, of course, speaks at all of these meetings.

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