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Change is Inevitable

I was listening again to President Clark's Key Note for the conference as I was working on my instructor notes for next semester, (because just once is not enough ;) and I had a  one of those lightening flash moments--thanks President!

As I was looking at the notes thinking, you know after several semesters teaching the same course I really should just be able to cut and paste these.  Why can't I just cut and paste these?  I realized that every semester is different, the issues of the world are different, the students are different, the program is different, Ilearn is different, I am different.

 As I work to best serve the students needs, I realize I will have to reattach the wings all over again, and that is actually a good thing.  It keeps things moving, interesting, relevant, helpful, and hopefully praiseworthy and of good report.   We will keep seeking after these things, each new semester . . . .

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  • Wonderful thoughts Tracy!  Thanks so much for sharing your insights!

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