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One way that I have found that helps to create connections and community in class is to share personal experiences with the lesson topics. When students know that we, their instructors have "been their, done that" the lesson becomes real and meaningful. In this way we can apply the technique used with the scriptures and "liken" the lesson to life. 

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  • I appreciate the way you are giving your course a global and personal perspective. 

  • I really like this idea, it is very valuable to allow students insight on how the material can be personal and utilized in "real world experiences."  In addition, I like to encourage my students to do the same and share their personal stories or experiences that relate to the material.  Since I teach FDSCI 203 - Environmental Stewardship I have really enjoyed gaining insight of the environmental conditions of other countries as my international students share these in the discussion and blog posts.  At times, when grading, I offer students suggestions on how they can do this and various questions they can ask themselves about the material to encourage further understanding.  

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