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Test and Study Tips for Students

Hi everyone,

I got an e-mail reply today from one of my struggling students.  She mentioned that she struggles with testing anxiety no matter how hard she studies.  I wondered what resources were available to help her learn to cope with or overcome this challenge.  After a quick search, I found the following info at  I thought I'd share, since I hadn't happened on these resources before.  I'd love to know of other ways you've reached out to your students to help them with similar challenges.  Thanks for your input.

Test & Study Tips

BYU-Idaho Study Skills Center

Brigham Young University-Idaho Study Skills Center helps you how to learn to Study Smarter--Not Longer. The Study Skills lab is located in the Library Commons (McKay 140) on the first floor of the McKay Library's west-wing. provides help for Taking Tests, Studying, Note Taking, Cramming Techniques, and how to Reduce Test Anxiety.

LaneCC Study Stategy Links

Lane Community College Testing and Assessment Service Study Strategy provides links to a variety of sites that provide help with College Study and Testing Skills.

LaneCC Study Tips

Lane Community College Testing and Assessment Service provides this Study Tips Link with 28 tips on How to Study and prepare for tests. is a fun link provided by Macon State College Resource Center that provides many links for all kinds of help including some for specific classes.

Other Guides and Materials

The following is a list of sites with study guides and materials for various entry and adminsion tests.

The Testing Center does not promote the use of any fee-based WEB sites or commercial test preparation agencies.
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  • Thanks for sharing Melissa- I had an email from a student who mentioned the same thing- she did say a previous instructor gave her a "visualization" exercise, where she closes her eyes for a few minutes and in her mind, walks into the Testing Center, sits down, completes the test and walks out taking the exam successfully.  She said it has worked for her in the past and is going to try it on our next exam.  I have also heard that some students test better if they start at the back of the exam and move from there (reduces anxiety that may come if the first couple of questions are difficult- then they think the exam will just get harder from there and start to panic). 

  • I love this post! Thanks for gathering these resources! 

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