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The Rains Came Down in Rexburg!

As many of you know, we got a little wet in Rexburg yesterday :) Thought it would be fun to share a few pics with you all. Anyone else in the Rexburg area is welcome to share yours as well

In front of my house - lake front property!

Havin' fun in the window well, it was about knee deep at it's highest!

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  • Me and my students (on campus and off) are wondering what we can do to help those that were affected by the flood. Has anyone heard if there is a place set up for donations for the flood victims? Can I send students to your house to help clean up? 

  • Crazy! I'm glad I found somewhere to post on this as it's been on my mind so much this week. Please know that all the non Rexburg BYU-I-ites are praying for you! I'm sure it's been devastating at times (all the time!)

    This is so reminiscent of the Teton Dam disaster. We have pictures from that of my husband bailing out his grandma's basement as a teenager.

  • Wow,... If Spring Showers Bring May Flowers,.. What do Summer Showers Bring?  A mess,. it looks like.   My prayers go out to all of you in Rexburg.

  • Wow. You guys sure know how to smile in the face of adversity. Kimball, you look like you are having fun shoveling that water out of the window well!

    Some of those pictures are reminiscent of a short trip my family just took to Lake Powell :/

    There are flood warnings all over CO right now. Hopefully I won't be waking up to any puddles that big!

  • I teach FDSCI 201 (like Caprise below) and this has been really interesting in our natural disasters class. I've only had a few students tell me about it affecting their own apartments but many more have posted pictures for us to discuss. Thank you to those of you who have posted more pictures and I hope your cleanup goes quickly!

  • Good grief!!  You all have my prayers. May the shop vacs be fast and furious in sucking out all the water!

  • Wow everyone!  I never could figure out as a freshman lugging groceries up that hill in the wind, with no vehicle, to my dorm why Ricks was on a hill.  Now we know.  ;)

    Sending dry, non moldy prayers to everyone.

  • I'm so sorry and hope the losses weren't too bad for everyone. I've already had a student tell me that she lost her computer due to the flooding and all of her work! What a sad finals week for some students who have been working hard all semester.

  • I'm sorry for everyone that has experienced loss during this flood. I've seen my basement apartment from when I was a student in one of the news videos filled with water. It must be a sad day for those students. Nevertheless, on the positive side, this flood will be a great case study for my Natural Disaster's class this week. We just finished learning about floods, and now many of my students have experienced one. At least it was good timing for the course...

  • Wow David!  You had quite an adventure, looks like you had fun with your kids. I loved the video, especially the pictures of your giant hail.  Sorry to hear about your sons flooded room, glad enjoyed the opportunity to use the power tools!

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