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Dear Instructors,

It was great to talk with so many of you at the recent Online Instructor Conference.  I enjoy attending these conferences and hearing of the changes and projected growth that is coming in both the Online and Pathway programs.  Inherent with this growth is the need for more online instructors which was mentioned in some of the conference sessions.  In response, we’ve heard from many instructors with referrals and questions regarding how they can help.  I thought a quick post here in the community would be appropriate. 

Your referrals are great, please keep sending them.  The current postings will reflect the current needs (please click here for current list).  Below is a table with rough cutoff dates for the recruiting we do each semester.  Because our online instructors go through an evaluation and certification process, much of the finding (gathering applications) is done far in advance of the semester. 

The best information that you can provide your referrals is our Online Employment Web site (  This site explains our current hiring process, compensation level, instructor expectations, and the course listings.  We have recently revamped our hiring process in order to leave positions open as interest lists.  Doing so allows prospective applicants a greater chance of seeing the position.  

As with any employment process, we are not able to hire all qualified candidates.  That said, taking advantage of your referrals and networks will be a crucial piece in our recruiting strategy.  You may also see me post information here in the Online Community regarding needs for specific courses. 

Thank you for all of the hard work you continue to provide.  I am continually amazed at the caliber and commitment level of instructors that teach in both the Online and Pathway programs and I am humbled to work alongside each of you.  I hope you can feel the level of confidence that we have in our instructors.

Please let me know if you have any questions ( or 208-496-1872).  


Nathan Routson 

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  • Thank you for the links and information.  I will be sharing it with two specific people right away!

  • Wow, that was lightning speed-quick, Nathan.  Thanks for the information!

  • If an applicant isn't chosen for a particular semester, they stay in the pool of applicants for future consideration.  There isn't anything the applicant would need to do to from their end.  

  • Thanks for your insight, Nathan.  So if an applicant is not chosen for a particular semester, is there a chance they could asked to re-interview or go through Evaluations again, or should they start with the application process from scratch?

  • Thank you for the questions.  If current instructors are interested in getting approved for additional courses, you will need to apply to these courses via this same process.  It should take you considerably less time than your original application because your education, work history, etc. will be saved.

    While I don't work on the hiring side of things, I know that Heather and Brittany work very hard with the departments to find the best qualified instructors for each course.  There are a variety of factors that come into play when making these decisions that can make them very tricky (ex. # of applicants, education, work history, interview, department preferences, evaluation course results, etc.).  Sometimes this does mean that people you refer may not be chosen (for a variety of reasons) or maybe just not chosen for that particular semester.  What we know is that the process does result in very good instructors (like you all!).   

  • Hi Nathan,

    I have a friend who just went through the Evaluations process and unfortunately did not get a contract.  She felt she interviewed well, participated well, etc.  Should I encourage her to try again in October, or is it unlikely that an applicant would be reconsidered once they had come to that point?

  • Our High Priest Group Leader in our Ward had an interview for a position at BYUI today.... hope it went well.   I referred him a few semesters ago...... it happens !

  • Great information. If we are interested in teaching additional sections (either in our current course or another related course) do we need to sign up on the interest list? I have updated my available hours to reflect that I could do more, but I was unsure if we needed to do anything else. I am assuming that current instructors would be offered those classes prior to hiring out. Is that correct?
  • Nathan - equally we love working with you!  Thanks for all you do!  You are amazing!

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