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Faster Feedback with Text Expanding Software...

We know that feedback is one of the most important factors that contributes to student learning. Unfortunately we also know how time consuming leaving feedback can be. One strategy that many of us have resorted to has been the use of template feedback in I-Learn 2. Template feedback allowed us to insert canned feedback into any student's assignment feedback. However, in I-Learn 3 template feedback is going away. But have no fear, we've got a training tip that will replace template feedback for both I-Learn 2 & 3, and will also speed up your productivity. 

Text expanding software will allow you to create keyboard shortcuts that will insert all of your template feedback and more...

Here are some Text Expander's we've found. Let us know if you improves your efficiency.

Mac Windows


Smart Typer

Word Expander



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  • I would add Texter to this list:

    and Short Keys Lite:

    Both are free (: I personally use Shortkeys. I like it. The free version limits you to 15 shortkeys but I don't need that many so all is well there (:
    • Thanks Dave
  • Thank you David! I've used this for two weeks now and it is Awwwwwesome!! I downloaded Typinator, using just the free version and it is the best tool I've used lately. Thanks again!
  • I tried using "Auto Text Expander" from Chrome, and I was able to get shortcuts to work in all my Google Drive documents; however, I couldn't make the shortcuts work in I-Learn. Is there something I have to change in I-Learn to allow access to shortcuts? I also had this problem with Word Expander as well. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
    • I also used the Chrome extension. It will not work in I-Learn 3 due to problems with HTTPS://. I haven't been able to try Word Expander yet. I can tell you that some of these programs require some adjusting in order to make them work for you. If one isn't working, download another. There are a few people in this thread that have had success with PhraseExpress.
      • Thanks. I appreciate the info. I will try Phrase Express.
  • Thanks for the tips on this, will have to give it a try. Really appreciate the templates I have set up at this time.
  • I have been wondering how I would incorporate "templates" in I-Learn 3. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!
  • EVERYONE should know about this! Tell your friends, tell your friend's friends. Tell your friend's friend's grandmother! Or just the teachers that you supervise as a TGL or AIM or work with in your groups. This is seriously an answer to many prayers. Hallelujah!
    • :-) This made my day.
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