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I am a new instructor for BYUI and have had plenty of hurdles this first semester, especially with grading. I began using the gradebook and this handy bookmarklet to identify missing assignments needing grades. So I also started downloading written assignments to grade offline, and then using the gradebook to enter the grades. However, I discovered that the grades I entered do not reflect on the Folder Submissions area for the corresponding assignment. Am I doing something wrong? 

Thanks for any help!

Brother Hanamaikai

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  • David,

    Are you saying don't enter grades in the gradebook?

    • No. what I'm saying is that there are multiple places in the gradebook where a grade can be given. If you turn on Spreadsheet view and enters a grade, we recommend you only use that for entering 0's. If you go to "Grade All" there is a grade column, again, we recommend that only be used for entering 0's. In that view there is a "Submission" or "Attempt" column. That is where grades should be entered. Students can see grades on content pages, within tools, within User Progress, and within Grades. Anything entered into the grade column stays in grades and doesn't go anywhere else. Scores entered within the tools, or within the submission column get pushed to each place I mentioned above. 

      Sorry this is so confusing. It took our team weeks to figure this out.

      • Thanks, that is super helpful. I've been entering some grades that way because it takes about 50 less clicks--especially for discussion boards.
  • Yes. We discourage instructors from entering grades in the grades column for this very reason. Doing so will result in students potentially not seeing the grade you've entered. Also, the feedback left when clicking on the icon in the feedback column does not send the feedback to all the locations we direct students to when viewing feedback. 

    If you are downloading assignments for offline grading, have you tried using the Assignment Grader app for iPad or Android tablets? This would solve your problem. If you don't have a tablet, you'll want to grade using the Dropbox tool. This means you would need to open the submission folder and load each students submission page and enter the grade there. 

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