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Student Adobe Connect rooms?

Do students have an option to meet in an Adobe Connect room to discuss course topics and help each other?  In the "welcome" folder in my course there is a "Groups" page that shows 10 Adobe Connect links, but I'm not sure how to instruct my students to use them.

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  • Hi, Jana.

    I have some more information. Will you email Susan and ask her to add this to her course council Asana workflow? I spoke with Sean Short who is the course council designer for your course, and he said that they need to talk about this as a council. If Susan puts in on, they can discuss it in their next meeting.

    In the meantime, if you want to tell your students about them, and if the rooms work, I don't see a reason why you couldn't point them to the rooms to use as a collaborative space. As long as it's not required, you're fine to do so, I think.

  • Hey, Jana.

    Does it say anything in the Instructor Resources folder about that anywhere? General Lesson Notes? Or Lesson Notes in every lesson? You haven't found any mention of them anywhere in the course? If not, then it might be that instructions need to be added OR it's a leftover feature from a previous version of the course that needs to be removed.

    I would contact your OCR and ask her what is up with that. Her name is Susan Jackman in case you did not know. This is a great question to ask an OCR.

    • Susan wasn't sure and I don't remember seeing this in our course during previous semesters. There are no instructions that I've found in the resources folder. I'll keep looking, but I know some of my students would love the opportunity to meet together as a group.
  • Great question.  I know there has been some issues with the Adobe Connect I'm wondering how that works also. 

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