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When you were in school and writing papers there was one thing you had to know — how to conduct research. You collected the exact number of resources for that required bibliography. Then, somehow, you had to use those resources in your own paper. Some of those earliest papers you wrote may have been a little too friendly with the copy + paste function. As a result, it is possible you plagiarised parts of your paper.

It can be easy to misuse sources or be confused about when material needs a citation. Deadlines cause us to sometimes rush the quality check. As instructors, you fill a role of guidance. You strive to help students to generate original thoughts and create well structured papers. When you notice a student might be copying other material, it is an opportunity to intervene and help correct the error. This is why we are excited to introduce to you a tool BYU-Idaho and Pathway instructors can access to use to help: Turnitin.

Turnitin Originality Check

Turnitin’s most prominent feature is the Originality Check. It scans your class’s papers and gives you a report on what material might be plagiarised, where it comes from, and a percentage rating on the likeliness that it is copied material.

Turnitin’s Originality Check can detect multiple forms of plagiarism across the spectrum. When it reports certain levels of plagiarism, you can intervene with the student to correct the behavior. You have the option of showing them the Turnitin report when you explain how they can properly use other material in their works. Some instructors have even made it required for their students to upload their papers and perform an Originality Check on their own. When the student receives back the report, they are responsible to correct any areas before submitting it to their instructor. In this way, students teach themselves using the tool.

Turnitin Online Grading with Rubrics

Several other Turnitin features we want to make you aware of are Online Grading and Peermark.

When you’re checking papers with Originality Check, you can also do Online Grading for assignments within Turnitin. Rubrics can be created and used, helping maintain that desired consistency with grading. Comments can also be left on the paper, making it easy for students to immediately reference any feedback you may have given.

Turnitin Peermark with Rubrics

A final feature I want to bring to your attention about Turnitin is the potential for collaborative work among peers, known as Peermark. When a student uploads an assignment, you have the capacity to assign it out to other students to review. They can perform this peer review for one another, helping each other better prepare for the final submission and grading. You can also go in and review their comments for one another.

While you may not utilize all of these options, being able to help students who are struggling with copying work is probably the most important option Turnitin can give. You are able to step in and fulfill that mentoring role. You can point out students’ errors with copying work and provide instruction on how to create the work correctly. For those students who may be intentionally copying, it is an opportunity to hold them accountable and provide corrective behavior.

This tool will be integrated in many of I-Learn 3 courses as a tab. If you are still in I-Learn 2 or working in I-Learn 3 and don’t have the Turnitin tool designed into your course, you can this helpful clicksheet to learn how to set up an account. It also explains how to add classes and assignments to Turnitin.

Here are some screensteps training documents on Turnitin.


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  • I have a Turnitin issue I'm hoping someone can help me with. There's only a few assignments in my course where I've enabled the Originality check, and I've always checked "automatic originality check on all submissions." On the first assignment of the semester, I clicked on the icon for the first student submission and it did indeed automatically check all the submissions for that assignment. But now I've got another assignment and it's not doing that. You can see from this screenshot that in order for it to perform the check, I've had to click on each submission individually so most are still not running the check:

    I did the exact same steps on both assignments, but I'm not getting the same results. Am I missing a step?

  • A few questions

    1.  I teach Eng 106 in the Pathway Program.  Is Turnitin available for Pathways Students as well? 

    2.  Verey simple question- how do we access the program?  How do our students? 

  • This will be a great help for assignments. Is there any way we can use it for free response answers on non-proctored exams?
  • At UVU I've been using Turnitin for the past five years inside of Canvas and have found it a great help in discouraging plagiarism.  The course I am currently teaching at BYUI in IL3  has no required writing that would really lend itself to Turnitin.  The new version that is available now promises to be better for grading papers.  The old version which I have been using goes away at the end of this calendar year which will require some adjustments in my UVU courses and a little retraining for my TA.  I would be interested which version people at BYUI have been using and if the new version is what can be linked in side of IL3.

  • The link at the end says "Access denied" and the images do not appear in the post.

    • Michael, 

      I also got the "Access denied" message.  Did you ever find out how to access Turnitin? 

      Thank you, 


      • I've updated the article, so it should have links that work again. I took off the images but linked to some of Turnitin's resources.

        • Thank you! This looks like a very practical resource.  

  • Thank you so much! We are using Turnitin this semester in iLearn 3.0 and I have loved how easy it is to grade on it. We have only just finished our first assignment using it. I would like to know, what do students see on their end when they go to look at my feedback? I have been able to show them how to get to this feedback through I-Learn 3.0 User Progress on the dropbox assignment but I am unsure of what they are seeing. Also, is there an easier way students can access all of their assignment in when using I-Learn 3.0? Would it be helpful to create an account as you have shown here and direct students to access it directly through Thank you so much!
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