Online Learning Pedagogy

This training tip has some of the common pitfalls that are easy to fall victim to. This video should prepare you to avoid those pitfalls and help you identify strategies for becoming an effective discussion board facilitator.

Tell us in the comments below what strategies you have developed for managing I-Learn 3 discussions.

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  • I am getting so much out of these videos. Thank you!
  • This is awesome! You just saved me a bunch of time when working in my discussion boards. Thanks!

  • So I recently sent my students an email with an embedded Youtube of the churches' announcement of BYU PW. While still in the compose email screen of Brightspace, I could see the youtube (I just copied and pasted the code using the new HTML feature) but when I received a carbon copy of that classwide email, there was no embedded youtube, just a blank space. The same goes for when I post announcements with embedded youtubes, I don't see those embedded videos in my outlook email when I get carbon copied.

    Am I missing something? Are my students seeing those embedded videos in these emails that I send to them? Until I can confirm this, I'm sending out URLs to the videos as well.

    • This is an I-Learn 3 problem. No pictures or videos that you put in an announcement or email will be sent out to students. However, you can include hyperlinks. I wish it wasn't this way, but I-Learn 3 doesn't support sending video and images through emails. This includes email notifications that students receive about teacher announcements.

      • Thanks Tyler.

        Perhaps we should clarify in trainings that when using the special new 3.0 features for embedding video/images, etc. that it only applies to announcements, feedback, or DB posts? I believe that many instructors use email to communicate with students and some of us were unknowingly sending out messages with blank/missing information because in the email page those options for embedding are included for use.

      • Good to know.  Thank you.  

    • I hope someone knows the answer to this question, too. When in the LMS, I have sent graphics and videos, but my copy comes without it. I have students who tell me things are missing from the message. So, to be sure they all get it, I send it straight from my Outlook mail account. It would be easier to use the Class List, etc.

    • I had the same thing happen to me, today.  I would love ideas about how to make this work. 

  • This was very useful.  Thank you!  One thing that I like to do with my discussion boards is to reorder the topics so that the newest discussion is on the top.  This makes it very easy for my students and helps to ensure they are participating in the correct discussion.  Also, it prevents needless scrolling.  :) 

    Here is how I do it:

    • Great point Deborah. This really helps so that you aren't scrolling for so long to get to the later discussions. We need all the time-saver tips that we can get.

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