2018 Temple to Temple Relay

What is it?

Each year the BYU-Idaho Student Activities committee organizes a local Rexburg Temple to Idaho Falls Temple relay race where teams run the 39 miles from temple to temple.

This year marks the third annual Online Instruction Temple to Temple Relay in which we as a community will also run from temple to temple around the United States. We will attempt a course route of more than 8,000 miles together. 

We will be visiting eighteen temples across the United States. Those who submit the necessary mileage to help us arrive at a temple on the route will receive our water station goodies pack. We will also be keeping an eye on how many miles each participant is logging.

If running is not your thing, you can still participate! You can submit one mile for every ten minutes of exercise you complete. Those who submit 50 miles or more are also eligible for a prize.  

When is it?

The Temple to Temple relay will begin on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. As a community, we have until June 21, 2018, to complete the relay course. 

How can I Participate?

Whether you are a runner or not, we’d like to invite everyone to participate. Here’s how:

  1. Start running, walking, or doing anything active!
  2. Keep track of your miles.
  3. Submit your miles by clicking the “Log Miles Here” button on this page (top left corner.
  4. Share a picture to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or the Community page with the hashtag #OnlineRelay. Simple as that!

Note: For those doing activities that don’t require you to track miles, (like yoga, Zumba, workout classes at a rec center, etc.) every 10 minutes of that activity will count as one mile. 

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  • This is a great event I love to participate each year. I just logged some miles today of my exercise since May 16. Sorry I will miss June 9th local relay. Good luck to the participants.
  • I am so glad to see this event again!
  • I love this event!!
  • Do you want us to leave the pictures on our personal social media with tags or are there now official online learning groups?
  • Just to be clear- so you log your miles every day into the google form or you save them up and submit all at once? What are the distances between the 18 spots on the map (what the total goal?) Is each person trying to get the total goal or they are added up as an "community team"? Is there a leaderboard or the total community aggregate miles somewhere?
    • Julie, you can enter your miles daily, weekly, whenever. I like putting them in at least weekly, so I feel like I'm helping us move along the way. There are around 8000 total miles, but the amounts between temples don't show on the map. In the past, someone posts each time we hit a new temple. We're working together as a team just like many other teams in Rexburg will work together for the actual Temple to Temple Relay. In the past, there's also been a leaderboard showing the top 10 point getters and regular postings telling us of our total miles. I'm not sure if there's a plan for that this year or not. I'm sure we'll hear how we're doing as we go along.
      • Perfect! Thanks for answering my questions Melissa!! Here we go! #onlinerelay
  • This is so cool! I'm ready to put in my miles!
  • Thanks for the motivation to get out there and to get moving!
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Join the fun on Social Media!

Share your experience and pictures on Facebook, and/or Twitter with the hastag #OnlineRelay. 

How to Participate on the Local Relay Team

If you live near or will be visiting Rexburg on June 9th and would like to participate on the local relay team, send us an email at onlinecommunity@byui.edu, and we will send you more information. We'd love to have you run with us!