Contract and Employment Questions

I was asked by a student to mentor her on her senior project.  Sadly, when I went to sign the contract with her, it required a job title I do not have...adjunct professor.  I am listed as a Remote Instructor.  Does anyone know who would know the answer to this?




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  • I'd call yourself an Online Adjunct Professor for BYU-Idaho.  Yes, I imagine you can mentor a student on their senior porject.  Frequently though the criteria are set by the program or department. Theu may have specific requirements for mentors.  The student should know.

    ...I may have misunderstood your question. Are you saying their was some online tool that was automatically recognizing you as a "remote instructor"...a role ineligible to be her mentor because it wasn't "adjunct professor?"  If so, that probably would be something you initially bring up with the department chair.   (please let us know how that goes!)

  • What's the campus department? Would they be a good one to ask?

    • Thank you Alisha and Joel.

      I received two replies.  One department went by my contract title which says "Online teacher" and they declined my ability to mentor.  The other department focused on my resume and skillset and they said that I was qualified.  Since the student is majoring in the second department they won.  However, when online teachers, we do need to make sure it is clear.  Now I am on to a new adventure....mentoring!  I am so honored and exciting.

      • Kotinca--So cool! I'm glad it was approved. You'll have to let us know how it goes. You are blazin' new trails for all of us in online instruction.

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