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  • Very helpful.  Thank you.  

    Follow-up question:  I was sort of expecting to receive a contract to act as OCR for my course (as I did last semester), but have not seen one yet.  Would you happen to know who to contact about that?

    • Thank you Bonnie.  She is just a wealth of helpful knowledge here.  

      Yes, those usually aren't set till a little closer to the semester.  We see relatively little change in OCRs in general, so if you were the OCR (were fulfilling your duties, and have indicated enough available hours) there's a good chance you'll be the OCR again.

    • I know they are still in the process of determining contracts and getting those made...and will be for quite some time. I would recommend discussing it with the AIM you report to. Other than that, Nathan Routson is the scheduling coordinator. His email is
      • Thanks for your replies.  Very good information.

        One more:  For Online Instructors, just for personal financial planning, when is the first pay disbursement for Fall Semester?  Is it 15 September or 30 September?

        • I can't say for sure... However, I do know that last year for Fall quarter the classes officially started Sept 16 (we start one day earlier this quarter-- on Sept 15). Last year I got my first payment on Sept 13...because of the weekend.

          Our contract start date this year is September 15th. Since we are starting even earlier this year than last year, and since we typically get paid around the 15th and the 30th, I would assume we will get paid 2x in September.

          Last year for Fall Quarter I got paid 2x in September, 2x in October, 2x in November, and 1x in December.

          Again, I can't say for sure. Sorry. :)

          • Side note: I think Pat Saurey would know the definite answer to this question.

            (Online Delivery Specialist)


            If you find out, will you let me know the answer? :) Thanks!

  • Hi Brad

    • Click this link:
    • Log in using your username and password
    • Click on “contracts” tab (if not automatically taken there)

    Hope this helps! :)

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