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I looked all over the various links in the "MyBYUi" homepage and faculty links, but did not find any calendars or links to calendars that will tell me when the next semester's courses start, when online courses are opened to students, etc.

The university master calendar doesn't tell me when the next semester begins (unless I missed something?), so I'm just trying to find out--rather than asking my TGL each semester when classes start, is there a calendar I can visit, to help save time?

Thanks! :)

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  • Leah, thank you for pointing that out. I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think to look at my contract first, instead of wandering all over BYU-I web sites for so long, lol!

  • I always do an internet search: "BYUI academic calendar SSSS XXXX",

    where SSSS is semester "Fall, Winter, Spring" and XXXX is year. I find this method faster than accessing it through my BYUI login.  

    First hit everytime in a popular search engine.

    • Great information you guys! Thanks! These dates can also be found on your contract. 

  • This is exactly what I needed--thanks, Jeff!
  • HI Jenny,

    Here is where I found it

    * Go to I-Learn My BYUI

    * Bottom right corner under important Dates there is a link that says University calendar

    * Then on this page there is a link in the bottom left corner under LINKS that says Academic Deadlines

    * You will then see the semesters/sessions you can choose from.

    If you find a better way let me know.

    Good luck


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