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Have you been inside OL 200 yet?

OL 200 is a course within Brainhoney that contains modules centered around continuing instructor development. Are you struggling with how to use Adobe Connect effectively? Or maybe you have found you aren't using the Discussion Board in a meaningful way? Maybe you're having a tough time finding an appropriate SMART goal. We want to provide you with the resources necessary to continually develop as an online instructor at BYU-Idaho!

If you haven't had a chance to look around and participate in the course, please do so! 

If you have been in OL 200, we have some questions for you:

1) What modules did you participate in? and what information did you find particularly useful? not useful?

2) What information would you like to see put into OL 200 that you feel would help you become a better online instructor?

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  • I really appreciate this course! Last semester, I went through all of the trainings that were available. It was good to be reminded of some of those things that I had learned when I first started teaching online courses for BYU-I. There were also some fantastic things that I have adopted into my course this semester. The training, however, that had the greatest impact on me was "High Love, High Expectations." I have used in not only in my online class but in FHE and other settings. I love the vision that it creates! 

    • Wow, what a great insight Brian. I'm glad that you've found application for "High Love, High Expectations" beyond the scope of your profession. Great BYU-I initiative!

      You mentioned that there were some fantastic things that you've adopted into this semester's course. What were those specifically?

      Also, what else would you like to see in OL 200? We're going to be constantly putting new modules in there as needs arise and are made aware to us.

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