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Instructor Satisfaction Survey Results 2014

Hi Everyone!

As you know, a few weeks ago we sent out an Online Instructor Satisfaction Survey to all instructors. We were grateful to receive about 200 responses. The results have been incredibly helpful, and we are in the process of going through them, looking for trends and ways we can improve our processes and the support we give our instructors. We wanted to share a summary of the results with all of you and invite you to share your thoughts and insights as you view them. In Fall semester, we will be having more focused discussions on certain trends but for now, we wanted to give you the overall perspective to begin with. Thanks!

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  • I really appreciate the desire of the administration to understand concerns of online instructors as well as understand what is going well.

    I would be curious to know what components hindered satisfaction with instructors level of involvement in decisions that affect their role.

    I thought it was great that so many of us are on the same page in regards to the mission and goals of BYU-I and online learning.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Shalyce. That is one of the areas that we will be focusing on in some more focused community discussion this fall so we can dig deeper and find out the reasons and see if there are solutions that we can work on! Thanks for all you do!

  • I was really interested to see the demographics, and how many women instructors we have.  I wonder if this is a unique situation?

    I had to wait a while for my children, and it made me think about how to be a mother or a father in Zion, when you have no children.  I have always appreciated that I am going into the homes of my students, and am able to nurture them.  I love to see how Heavenly Father gives us the opportunities to fulfill our divine roles as mothers and fathers.  Just one mare reason to be so grateful for the BYUI experience.

    • I made the same observation and came to the same conclusion Tracy. Leah mentioned that we actually have slightly more male instructors and that the larger number of females simply indicates more of them participated in the survey.  The women really are such an important part of online learning at BYU-I as they are also becoming increasingly important in missionary work. All very exciting. We have so many wonderful women in the church.

      • Great, thanks for the clarification.  ;)

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    • I loved that talk, too, and this seems like a terrific opportunity for practical application.

  • Thanks for putting the results together!

  • Very interesting! The sixth slide was the most surprising to me.  I would have thought for sure that most online instructors would have had online teaching experience at other universities or colleges.  But looking at those numbers, maybe 30 out of the 200 respondents have taught online elsewhere?  Leah or anyone else who knows, is that an accurate percentage for all of Online Instruction (not just the respondents)?

    • I wonder if the wording of that question skewed the results at all. I teach online elsewhere, but at a college, not a university, so I'm pretty sure I answered no to that question. I'm not sure if they wanted to include community college instructors in that as well.

      • Thanks Shalyce for pointing that out. That is something we can update on the survey next year. Thanks again!

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