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There are just over 1,000 instructors teaching part-time for BYU-Idaho online. Five full-time online instructors were recently hired to begin service this Fall. This includes one each in Business Management, Family History Research, CIT, Nutrition, and Healthcare Administration.
I will address some common questions we receive regarding teaching online full-time:
Will there be more full-time online instructors in the future?
BYU-Idaho Online is based on a core model of part-time online instructors each teaching one section (with some occasionally taking a second section to fill particular needs). A typical BYUI online instructor works “by day” in their industry or other pursuits. "By night," they share their particular expertise, teaching ability, and love of the students in an effort to inspire and prepare the next generation. There are no immediate plans to hire additional full-time online instructors. Over time, there may be a few additional full-time positions to serve particular purposes in some Departments.
How will I know if there are full-time positions available in the future?
Some positions will be posted for all interested candidates to apply while others will be filled internally without posting. This is a common practice, including with part-time online teaching positions. When a position is posted for applicants a notice will go out via email to all part-time online instructors in that discipline.
What is a typical load for a full-time online instructor?
36 credits, or load hours, a year, or 12 credits a semester. Each year, some of those load hours will be assigned for faculty, curriculum, or related development work.
How is a full-time online instructor hired?
Very similar to the way a part-time online instructor is hired, except that part of the interview process happens on-campus and includes a few more individuals in the process.
Do the full-time online instructors live in Rexburg?
They could (if they want to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth), although they are expected to work from home. They are not given office space or access to on-campus services. They can live in any of the currently approved states. One purpose of BYU-Idaho Online is to extend the reach of the University without increasing the physical infrastructure.
BYU-Idaho’s most valuable asset is it’s people. Thank you for your service to the students.
I will watch the comments area for the next week to see if there are additional questions.
Alan L. Young
Online Learning Managing Director

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  • How many online classes to full-time online instructors teach?

  • Enjoyed reading the write up and hope that at some point new opportunities will be available.

  • This is interesting and exciting! It's fun to hear about how the online department is changing and growing, and I appreciate being informed of topics like this.

  • That is amazingly great news. I will continue to do my best and to improve and someday an opportunity may be available. 

  • It was mentioned at the BYU-I Online Teaching Learning Conference that "we need a lot more of you!"  --   I just want you to know that there are several online instructors who would be willing to do a lot more than just one or two sections.   

    I know that for many reasons  (financially beneficial to not have to pay benefits, as well as enriching for students) the model is to have part time instructors that are professionals by day and teachers by night, -- and I am sure that works well for many --  but I just want to let you know that there are several online instructors who fall into a category where we would love to teach more courses by day and not need to take on a second job so that we can be home with our families by night :-)   

    I don't need benefits, but financially it would be a blessing to have to opportunity to teach more credits each semester.  So just as a thought, if the need is there for more instructors, some of the instructors already working here would love to do more.  

    Thank you so much Alan answering so many questions about this topic- because there is real interest in the idea of being able to teach full-time online for BYU-I, but it looks like that is most likely not going to be an option.   Thanks Alan!

    • I second what Tanya says.  I would also love to be a full-time online instructor.  Thank you Tanya for sharing!!

      • I would love to be a full-time online instructor also!

    • Amen Tanya. Thanks for your thoughtful reply (:
  • Thanks for sharing this information with all of us! Very helpful to know! 

  • Thanks for this information, Alan.  This is helpful to know of the current status of full-time online instructor positions, as this is a frequently asked question.

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