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Question on contract changes

I have a strange question on how contracts are "switched".  I teach Math 100G; for both Fall 17 and Fall 16 I was given a contract to teach math 100G, only to have someone claiming to be from HR calling after I accepted the contract to ask if I would switch to GS120.  If memory serves for Fall 16 I explained that I was a brightspace pilot instructor and needed to be in Math 100G to help instructors new to ilearn 3.  The HR person was okay with that.  Last year I simply declined the request, and the HR person kept pushing, insisting that a "displaced" instructor didn't want to teach GS120 and wanted to teach my section instead.  I declined the request.

I've just accepted a contract for Math 100G for Fall 2018.  In case this situation happens again, could someone explain what's going on in the background?  Is someone in an administrative position making these requests?  Or is someone who is unhappy with their course assignment pressuring an admin assistant at HR to make these kinds of phone calls?  Both times the person sounded very young and nervous.

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  • Each semester, Online Employment and Scheduling does the best they can to ensure every hired instructor is able to teach. As the start of the semester draws near, some course enrollments may be lower than anticipated and this might necessitate a bit of shuffling. At this point, instructors may be contacted and invited to make a course change.

    Each situation is unique and if instructors ever have contracting questions, please call or email our office directly. We would be happy to visit more with you about your particular situation. We can be reached at or 208-496-1539.

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