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"Running to them..."

In the words of Trina Boice, one of our fabulous instructors, BYU-Idaho is "running to the world".  This sentiment was recently loudly echoed by our university President.

Trina, thank you for sharing that testimony with us.  I could not have said it better.  I too love "running along side all of you" as we work to build testimony, knowledge and skill in our fellow brothers and sisters.  I look forward to our upcoming conference where we will share and grow together in this hastening work.  

Thank you everyone for all you do because you understand who your students are and what they can become!

Here's a link to share with friends who might be interested in applying to teach online with BYU-Idaho

(btw, the video was created by Heather Carter's talented husband and his students)

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  • Thanks for sharing your testimony Trina. A great lesson for us all...

  • Trina,

    I loved this video!  Trina is filled with the Spirit and has a little spunk in her as well; which is an added bonus in my opinion!  Ha ha!  Thank you for being an amazing example to all of us, Trina!


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    • Thank you for sharing this scripture Stephan. Your students are no doubt blessed to have your testimony shining light on the path ahead. I am humbled to be a part of such a fantastic team of consecrated and dedicated Instructors. 

  • Thank you.  Definitely agreed that's it's not just the curriculum we are teaching--it's learning how to learn, following university principles and rules, teaching the gospel.  It's great having many pathway students in my courses from so many different countries with different customs and cultures, as well as non-traditional students who otherwise couldn't / wouldn't attend college.  It reminds my that when Jesus "succors" us it means He "runs" to us.  Thanks again for your message.

  • This was beautiful. Well done Trina for sharing this concept with us and BYU-I for presenting it in such a great way. That's some great spiritual eye candy right there!

  • What a great video! Now I need to ponder my friends' circumstances and share this video with them.

  • Here's to running...

    Great video, Tina.

  • I love this, Trina, and I love you! I love your enthusiasm, spirit and humility. I didn't think for one second that you were a blubbery mess. You were tender and reflective, and I completely related to what you shared. I'm so glad we get to enjoy this amazing journey together! You're wonderful!

  • Trina,

    I love how you made this eloquent connection with your mission experience!  You are such a wonderful ambassador of BYU-I online instruction!

  • That was great. It is a great blessing to be allowed by the Lord to participate in one of the ways He reaches out to His children.

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