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Spring Semester Dates

I am wondering about the end of the semester dates for Spring semester. In my course, the final exam doesn't close until July 27th (which would be the end of 14 weeks) but the calendar says the last day of the semester is July 23rd. Is the online semester just a little longer than on campus or do we need to adjust our online classes to end the 23rd?



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  • This annoucement hopfeully clarifies your questions. Thanks for being on top of this, Alisha!

    Clarification of Last Day of Spring Semester 2018
    Differing dates between Campus and Online for final day of Spring Semester 2018The last day of the semester for campus is Monday, July 23. Online cou…
  • I think this may be a bigger deal regarding services so I will make sure our support organizations recognize there is a disparity between the campus and online dates. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I love the online instruction community!! :-)

    • Me too! Thanks for the support, Jerrod!

  • A message will be coming out about this soon.  Yes, the campus ends earlier than online this semester by nearly a week (the longest I recall ever seeing it).  We'll just work around it.  Online students aren't really affected.  Services will still be there dfor students.  Campus students taking online courses will likely be most impacted, but we'll get through it with clear communication this semester.  Look for the announcement soon.

    • Great, thank you for the info Joel!

  • Alisha--When I saw this show up in my email I did a double-take because I was wondering about the exact same question last night. And then I saw my name at the end of the post (in my email, without your picture).  For a second I wondered if I had made a late-night post and in my sleepy blur forgot that I actually posted my question to the Community! Haha.

    But yes, I'd like to know the answer to this question, as well.  As I was combing through my class last night, looking for answers, I saw that there's discrepencies on that Wk 14 due date question within my course.  The final assignment and quiz are scheduled to be due on Friday (July 27th).  The Course Notes say all assignments/quizzes are due on Wednesday of Wk 14, and the Course Map lists "Due Date #2" which is actually on Thursday each week.  I'm puzzled, but hoping students will want to turn things in by Wednesday to be done with semester.

    • Hahaha that's funny! 

      Same name, different pronunciation. I get called "your name" in a lot of meetings! Lol

      • So you are "A-leesh-a"  . . . ? Good to know!  

        • Yes ma'am! 

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