Contract and Employment Questions


  • I have used my TGL in the past and it's worked out great.  :)  

  • I would select your IM and use their office number.

    • And by "IM" Joel means "Instructor Manager." You technically report to your Teaching Group Leader (TGL) who reports to an Assistant Instructor Manager (AIM) who reports to one of 3 or 4 Instructor Managers (IM). 

      I assume this may be an application where the potential employer may contact a previous or current supervisor. I can't imagine the IM would be the best contact in this case Joel. Are you sure that is the recommendation Joel?

      • Yes, the instructror manager is the best person for most purposes, including background checks which we get a few of each year.  Thanks Jerrod for unpacking the "IM" jargon.

        • Thank you all for your replies. Now wish me luck I get the job!

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