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I thought it might be helpful to everyone if we shared what resources we have found helpful for our professional development. 

For example:

Additionally, I have joined a number of low-cost or no cost professional development groups in my own field, such as:

  • ProGen, a study group for genealogists seeking to enhance their skills and earn additional credentials
  • Coursera, where I take free college courses for continuing ed credits needed to maintain my professional licensure
  • And a number of listservs where I can respond to calls for papers, lectures, etc.

But I want to know: what else is out there?

What professional organizations does everyone else follow or subscribe to? What other low-cost or no cost opportunities are you utilizing for your professional development and continuing education?

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  • Jenny, this was the topic I was going to share with my Teaching Group next week!  Thank you for sharing such terrific resources.  I'm interested in learning more about the MOOC community where instructors can take other instructors' classes for free for personal and/or professional development.  Has anyone done that?  Do you know the scoop?  Thanks!

    • Trina, I am taking two MOOCs right now; one at Duke University and another from UPenn; both are hosted at and relevant to my chosen field. Both courses are free, but I can also pay $49 to get some credit for them, too, if I want, or I can just opt for a certificate of completion. I am really enjoying them both! :)

      • That's awesome. You've inspired me to check out Coursera again. What a great resource!

      • Awesome, Jenny!  Thanks!

  • Jenny thank you for taking your time to post these resources.  It is exciting to know that BYU offers so many different journals, etc. that you can get free or for a low cost.

  • Jenny has shared some great resources for you. I'd just like to suggest another option for accessing many periodicals online through the McKay Library, including The Chronicle. To search for a specific title, go to the library's homepage: Then click on the "Journals by Title" link in the Toolbox column on the right side of the page. Search for your publication by title or category, then click on it to find out which database (sometimes several) offers this periodical. You will need to log-in with your BYU-I username and password. If you have any questions about accessing these, just send me an email (, or contact one of our subject librarians ( 

    • Thanks, Laurie--now I'm wishing I had saved $80 and just gone to your site, instead. I hope everyone else on here is reading what you wrote! :)

    • Thanks for the info.  There have been a few times I wish I were on campus to go to the library.

  • Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate the visit to my post! :)

  • Thank you Jenny for sharing the resources you have found.   They were very helpful for me. 

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