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**UPDATED 2/2/2017**

What is required to meet the Instructor Standard of Embrace University Citizenship? This question comes to the Home Office on a regular basis. It is important, then, for us to clarify what is Required and what is Optional in Embracing Citizenship so instructors can meet the standard without feeling overburdened by it.

Embrace University Citizenship: Demonstrate citizenship by contributing to the mission of BYU-Idaho and Online Learning.


When you accept a contract to teach online for BYU-I each semester you are agreeing to the following citizenship requirements (as outlined in the Online Instruction Policy Manual):

  • Weekly Reflections: Reflecting weekly on course facilitation and submitting a reflection to the teaching group leader each Saturday by midnight.

  • Active participation in teaching group meetings held both synchronously (three per semester) and asynchronously (three per semester) in the Online Instruction Community. Every effort should be made to attend live meetings; if a meeting must be missed, the recording of the synchronous session should be reviewed with any follow-up questions or comments sent to the TGL.

  • Participation in an instructor review each semester, which includes completing a self-assessment and discussing your performance with your teaching group leader.

  • Responding to administrative inquires within 24 business hours. You will receive communications from the Home Office, your Teaching Group Leader , and other administrators as needed. Such communication should be responded to promptly so as not to delay any pending processes.

These are required citizenship activities for every online instructor, without exception. Failing to meet this part of your contract may result in loss of future contracts.

Those who serve in additional capacities (TGL, AIM, OCR, Pilot instructor, etc) are contracted to attend some additional meetings to fulfill their responsibilities.


You have the opportunity to participate in additional citizenship activities that are designed to help support you as an online instructor. Some of these include:

  • Participating in additional teaching group discussions in your Online Community group.

  • Participating in general Online Community discussions, blogs, and forums.

  • Viewing campus broadcasts such as devotionals, firesides, university forums, and all-employee meetings.

  • Attending or viewing Online Learning conferences (Spring Conference, Winter Webinar)

  • Viewing or participating in department-specific meetings and trainings held by campus colleagues.

The University and Online Learning Department desire to provide valuable opportunities for instructors to further embrace university citizenship. We encourage you to participate in them whenever possible, but you should not feel obligated to do so as part of your employment.

TGLs can inform and invite instructors to attend optional meetings, but should never make instructors feel like they are required.

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  • I realize that this is an older post but I wanted to thank you for posting this and clarifying these expectations. I just recently have been having a conversation with some of my fellow teachers in my teaching group and didn't realize how many of us had a different understanding of the standards for participation in these areas. I was glad to quickly find these items outlined in a clear way. Thanks again!

  • Thank you for clarifying the required and optional activities of "Embracing University Citizenship."  In the world of all we have going on it is helpful to know what we need to be doing to uphold our contract obligations, and what we can participate in for extra encouragement and learning.   

  • This is very helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Awesome, I am totally a list person
  • Thanks.  I am not normally a list guy, but this really helps give me a better idea of what I can do.

  • This is an extremely helpful post and gives me a much better idea of how to "Embrace University Citizenship" to the best of my ability! Thank you! 

  • As a new instructor I found this post very helpful.  Are the other posts similar to this that explains what is required  of instructors and what is optional for all of the other Instructor Standards? If so, where can I find them? If not, is that something that can be addressed?

    • A follow-up post about community/teaching group participation can also be found here.

      • Jerrod, I'm trying to access the link you're sharing and it's faulty. I'll keep trying, but I wanted you to be aware. Thank you for all you do, it's been great to see you on campus!

        • Thanks for pointing that out to us Raegan, I'm trying to find the original page it was posted on but can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking though and update you as soon as I can!

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