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"Working" for other church entities

I recently accepted a calling as a local church service missionary - to my surprise I discovered today that my lds account lists me as an "employee" of the church.

Now, I realize this is a silly question, but when we accept contracts we're asked if we're employees of other church departments.  Am I safe in assuming that a volunteer position doesn't count as an "employee" of the church for the purposes of accepting contracts?

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  • Thanks for the question, Tina!

    Where this is a calling and does not track hours nor does it provide any compensation, you are fine. Part-time employment would require you to do things such as complete paperwork, pay taxes and report income, and track hours for compensation. I'm not sure why you would be listed as an employee for a calling, but it might be dependent on the type of service you are doing. For example, in the past we have had service missionaries on campus who needed to be set up as employees in order to have access to some of our systems to perform their service.

    Unless you start receiving mysterious deposits into your bank account, you should be just fine to continue in your church service missionary role. Thanks for remembering the contract requirement and keeping us informed!

    • Thanks for the speedy response Heather!

      ...and good question Tina.

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