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With the semester ending this week, I can't remember what happens to our announcements. Do they only stay in the current course we're teaching or will we have access to them for the next semester? Will our course be available to copy and paste from like they were in I-Learn 2.0? I am just about to copy and paste all my announcements into a Word document (which I should have done all along, I know) but I thought I would ask.  Does anyone remember? 


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  • They only stay in the current course, and we will continue to have access to our Fall courses.

    • Thanks! 

    • So technically, we could go back into the Fall course and copy them from there if we wanted to do it that way?

      • Yes, but be aware, that images need to be loaded from scratch. If you copy and paste images from past announcements, the images will be housed in the old course. The result will be that the images will work for you, but not for your students in the new class. 

        • Thank you!

        • Good to know. Is that the case even if we copy HTML codes?
          • Yes. The result is the same. The code will still point pack to the picture housed in the old course offering. 

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