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Hello everyone!

I have a few students who have been concerned about whether or not they will be able to access their readings and notes that they have organized in the "Binder". One is graduating and wondering if she will lose access and another is worried that she has only been able to access it directly through I-Learn and is wondering how she can set up an account to keep these readings. Is anyone familiar with this portion of Desire2Learn who might be able to educate me?






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  • Unfortunately, Binder is a confusing app and we don't feel confident in its ability to support students after the semester ends. Especially if the student is graduating. The most stable recommendation is to have the student use a tool of their own choosing. Something like Evernote or Google Docs might be something the instructor could recommend to the student. 

    • Thanks Dave. I have also felt a little unsure about the accessibility of the app. 

      Do you know how long a graduated student would continue to have access to their past I-Learn courses? 

      • I don't . I wouldn't plan on the access being there for long. But that's probably the boy scout in me .

        • If they're returning students, can they access last semester's courses? What about when they matriculate from Pathways to BYU-I?  Will they have access to the Pathway courses then? 

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