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Announcement Order?

Hi Everyone,

Am I just going crazy or did the the announcement order change? It used to be that the announcements were always in order in the course and the announcements tool according to the date that they were going to be posted (or had been posted). Now when I create a new announcement it becomes #1 in order and when new announcements are posted (that had been scheduled) those posts get posted behind that announcement. The order that I created the announcements is now trumping the posting date. (I hope this is making sense.)

I can go in and fix the order in the announcements tool by clicking on reorder and then manually reordering the announcements, but it's an extra step I don't want to have to take every time I post an announcement. I want the announcement order to be according to the post date.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Is there a setting that I can change to fix this?

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  • Anyone know if this has been fixed?

  • Where is the "announcements tool". I would like to try the manually reorder option

    • This is a brightspace problem

      • Thanks Tina. I was hoping this was a temporary solution.

  • I haven't noticed this yet for mine (but I went in and checked because I was afraid I just hadn't noticed but it was there!).  I have no idea, but I know you can click on the "start date" title for the start date column and choose to order the announcements from that.  Does that change it back to how it was?

    • That's a good idea, I will try that with my next announcement. :)

      • That seems to work. Thank you for that idea Amy Jo!

        UPDATE: I thought it had worked, but it didn't. It reorganized the announcements in the announcements tool, but the announcements on the front of my course are still out of order. On the front page of my course I have annoucements posted on these dates in this order:

        Posted May 7 2018 7:57 PM 

        Posted May 6, 2018 4:30 PM

        Posted May 6, 2018 5:00 PM


        • Sorting by the start date would only sort them within the tool, but wouldn't fix the posting order within the Announcements widget on the homepage. Please call the BSC or submit a help ticket. 

          • I submitted a help ticket and I got the same answer that Amy Jo gave. I told them that didn't work and they are still working on it. I'm going to call them.

            • I've reported it as well. 

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