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  • Thanks Alisha for your question. 

  • Are you copying from ILearn 2 or some other source? It looks like you have some HTML code that is not native to ILearn 3.
    • Hmmm... I don't think so. I do all of my notes and announcements in Word and copy them over. All of the images have just been uploaded with the insert stuff tool.

      • It's the formatting from Word that is causing the problems. Try using notepad to remove formatting.
        • Ok, thanks David!

          On another note... will our announcements be available to reuse from semester to semester in IL3?

          • Since I have access to my old courses, I just go into the Announcements from my older course and copy and paste.  I copy the text and videos right from the Announcements and it copies great into my new course. 

          • Not in the way that you are thinking. When you create an announcement, it creates it in a course, not in your I-Learn 3 system profile. It's not like announcements follow you from course to course because they are specific to the course that you create them.

            That being said, it's a simple matter than when you gain access to next semester's course to copy the last semester's announcements into your new course. Just copy the HTML code over and copy it in a new announcement in your new course. Make sure to take all the pictures you may have used in your old course for announcements and put them in your new course as well or students won't be able to see them.

            • Thanks David and Brad!

            • Thanks! I will have to remember this!

          • I am interested in this as well. That would be wonderful!

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