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When attending the Online Conference last Spring, I remember learning that the best place to grade and offer feedback on quizzes/discussions/assignments is in the tab for that item, rather than in the grade book.  We were told that grading and creating feedback in the content location would push it to the grade book and the student could view it in either location.  Whereas, grading and creating feedback in the grade book would not push the information out and thus feedback would only be available for viewing in the grade book.  I hope that is clear. :)

However, this semester I just finished grading a quiz and offering personalized feedback from the Quiz setting in the course.  I went to the grade book to make sure it had posted and no grades or feedback had been pushed forward.  Thus, I am getting ready to copy all the information into the grade book from the original quiz.  Please advise me on this issue so that I won't have this time consuming problem again.  Additionally, my students are not getting their feedback as quickly as I would have liked.

Thanks so much!

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  • As confusing as this is, this is the best resources we have on feedback. Micah Murdock is the one who presented on this last Spring, and this is the article he created and presented on:


    I hope it's helpful.

  • Alayne, I received some very helpful tips from Kim Onines and Merv Brown on grading quizzes.  This has worked very well!  Students are able to find the feedback very easily.  

    Here are the instructions for grading quizzes so students can easily see their feedback:


    1.      Go to Gradebook and select “grade all” from the pulldown (or click on an individual assignment in the gradebook itself)

    2.      Click on the individual assignment submission (if you are using the grade all feature)

    3.      Pull down attempt

    4.      Grade and save (make sure to check the "Graded" box so it publishes on save)

    5.      Select “completion summary” from pull down

    6.      Place feedback in the “public” area (as opposed to the "private" feedback which only the instructor can see).

    7.      Save and close

    • Erin- You have me wondering if I used public or private feedback.  I had better go and check!  

  • Thank you for the tutorial. What if your quiz page doesn't have a "export to grades" option?

    • If your quiz doesn't have the "export to grades" option, it means that is an automatically graded and exported quiz. The system should do it for you. Is this not the case, Jessica?

      • Well, then that setting should be turned on...Huh. Which course and quiz and I'll go take a look.

        • This reply was deleted.
          • With that quiz, I am seeing the Export to Grades button. I don't see an issue. Screencast a video to me perhaps?

      • Brad,

        The quiz we had trouble with is half automatically graded and half essays which we have to grade.  That might be why it doesn't have an "export to grades" option? (Jessica and I teach the same course, different sections).

    • Good question Jessica... I will be watching for that answer too. :)

  • It sounds like you missed some steps is all. FYI, quizzes are by far the most annoying things to grade. If you follow the steps in this article and it still doesn't work, let me know.


    If you follow these steps, you don't need to copy everything over.

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