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Can you message the entire class?

I am trying to understand the functionality and usefulness of the Inbox within Canvas.

Here are a few questions I would love answers to if someone knows:

1.  Can you send a message to the entire class list without needing to Ctrl+Click on each name?

2.  Why would I use the inbox within Canvas instead of emailing the student directly?

3.  Is there a way to view a class list and email the entire list as you can in I-Learn 3?

Thanks for your help!


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  • Another question about the Canvas Inbox... as I understand it, this is separate from email. So the students will have a choice to email me at my byui address or mesage me via Canvas? Is this correct?

  • This may not be what you want, but the Announcments (unless they've changed something) get sent directly to a student's inbox. 

    Also, emailing students through Canvas is so much easier than it ever was through I-Learn. That and you have an automatic record of it, whihc I never have in I-Learn unless I email it to myself.

  • Jason,

    I have found Canvas to be much more intuitive as far as emailing students. When you click on your section, you can select all students, all teachers, or all in class. You can also choose groups or individual students. I felt like sending messages in the old system took a lot of steps to choose students, verify, and then select how to send the message (to, cc, etc.) With Canvas you just select the class and choose the users. It takes a matter of seconds.

  • Jason, 

    To answer #1 & #3, there is an option in the Inbox to send a message to your entire class. You first need to select your course, then go to the address book. Typically the top option will be your entire class and should tell you how many people are in that course.

    As for #2: The inbox is a tool that works throughout Canvas, including the gradebook. So it captures all of your conversations with students. Then Canvas can report analytics about that student and your interactions with him/her:


    • David,

      Thanks so much for all of your help with this!  I now see how to send an email to all students in a section.

      I can also see the benefit of being able to track interactions of each student.

      Thanks again for your help!


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