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I can see where I can add a cell number to my profile but I can't figure out how to add an office number. Currently in I-Learn 3 I can post a phone number (not cell) students can use to contact me. Is there such a place in Canvas?

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  • Within Canvas itself, I don't believe there is a way to share your phone number with your students like there was in Brightspace. The SMS phone number you put into profile is to receive Canvas notifications directly to your phone via texts. I would recommend in your opening announcement, if you want to have your preferred method of contact as your phone to put your office phone number there.

    • So does this mean that the "contact" area in the profile should not show my cell phone number that is listed in the "settings."


      • It will not, correct. The Contact portion of your profile lists different third party methods of contact, such as a LinkedIn profile, Skype, Twitter, Google Drive, etc. If you wish to share other contact methods, do so in the biography section of your profile. Does this help?

        The phone number listed in settings is to receive Canvas notifications on your mobile phone.

    • Thanks, Brad. My preferred method is email, but sometimes students want to call. I'll do as you suggested and list it at the bottom of announcements as well so they'll have it there for reference.

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