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1. I was taught to create both an announcement and a email message for all on Friday (or no later than Saturday) each week with relevant information pertinent to the week. Is this a recommended best practice?

2. For B361, we enabled the ability for an instructor to grade the student DB activity with grades of 0-3 points generally, but an additional point (4 total) was possible as extra credit. Is this something that can be done in Canvas.

3. Depending upon the quality of the student DB postings, the amount of points earned can vary. For another school for which I teach, we can mark posts as meeting the posting requirement or not meeting the requirment (label them as substantial or unsubstantial). Is there a feature like this with Canvas?



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  • 1) Yes, but the only expectation is for you to post an announcement weekly. This is still the case, as it was in Brightspace.

    2) It is possible to add more points to assignments, yes. However, I would wait until your coures is in Canvas to see how it was designed. While the functionality exists, the course council transitioning your course may not allow it.

    3) It is possible to have an assignment set as complete or incomplete. There are ways to do this is Canvas. This also depends on how the course council has setup the assignment in Canvas.

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