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Canvas Question - Cross Listing

I can see the advantage of cross listing courses so announcements can be made once for both (or all sections). However, I would think it best to have discussion boards and all else separate. If we cross list to enable announcements to be made once, is anything else combined? I believe I read we could have discussions enable with respect to the announcements, I would prefer that discussions be separated by class. 

If we teach two sections of same class, is corss listing a given - in other words, does it just happend as a matter of practice?



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  • Hi Denny,

    Cross listing allows you to combine two sections into one course. You are still able to post separate announcements to each section or a combined one to both. You can have discussions go to one or the other as well. For example, if you have group discussion boards you can require the groups to pull from the same section when they are populated. I think you will find that cross-listing works nice and makes it convenient to have everyone housed within the same course for grading and classroom management. Let me know what else I can clarify!

    • Ralph, you can also filter the gradebook so that you as an instructor can only view one section at a time. For the student's perspective, they won't know that the course is cross-listed.

    • Thank you Corey. I like the idea of posting a video and written announcement as a single action for two courses at the same time. However, I would like all else to be separate. Is this feasible (practical)?


      • For the most part, yes. We have seen that if groups are used correctly, the discussion boards can be divided so that students see posts from just those in their section. Also, you can filter those posts at the instructor, if preferred. We can work through this with you when you cross-list for the first time. :-) 

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