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I believe I saw that we had weekly general question DBs and specific DBs (where the topic of the week resides). We have also had DBs for "getting to know you". Now when we have multiple classes, what happens? This is confusing based upon the lesson I just read.

To add to this discussion, we form about ten or eleven groups that work simulations. Generally the three or four students in each team have a separate group. At the same time that we have these team groupings we continue to have the other two DBs. Can we continue this practice with Canvas? How does having multiple sections impact this (cross listing)?



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  • For teaching multiple sections of same the is an advantage in answer “how to” solve some of the Excel questions or general questions when both classes are together. There is often one instructor teaching two sessions. 

  • This only applies when you are teaching multiple sections of the same course. Part of what you are asking depends on course design, so I would wait to see how that pans out. The functionality of discussions when you have cross-listed sections is as described in the module. It is possible to seperate your sections into groups when cross-listed so they only interact with each other. You'll just have to make sure at the beginning of the semester that you put your students into their group sections under the "People" tab. If this isn't done, then your multiple classes will interact with each other in the discussions ONLY if there is no group seperation. If it is a whole-class discussion with no group restrictions, then the sections will be able to participate with each other in the discussions.

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