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  • Hello, Corey,

    One more question on the pairing option ... will we use this to share with a new instructor? I like to offer that option to instructors if they think it will benefit their teaching. Karen

    • Hi Karen,

      I don't think so. This has a limited view similar to a student. I think enrolling a new instructor into your course for observation would be better done with the TA or Instructor role. :-) 

  • Hi David,

    This feature is used primarily in K-12 learning to pair students and parents in a course. This allows parents to "observe" their student(s) in a course within Canvas. I don't anticipate this to be used at BYU-Idaho since we are a higher ed instititution. Here is some more information about this feature: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-12928-415241869

    How do I link a student to an observer in a cou... | Canvas LMS Community
    If you have the correct permissions from your administrator, you can link a student to an observer from the People page. When an observer is linked t…
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