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I am really wanting to see if I can make a personalized email or anouncement quickly like the function in Brighspace could, or like a mail merge in Word. Is this only available in the announcement area? Or...if it is not an option at all. I would like some insight just in case.

Would any of these work with this MLS System? 

{first name}
[first name]

Sister Holbrook

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  • To my knowledge, there is no variable option like this in Canvas.

    • That's correct. For now, we have no variables available for you to use within Canvas. We are looking to see if that could be made available, but for now it's not on the horizon. :-)

      • That is good to know. I will be excited when/if that feature becomes available. Thanks! 

        • This was a very valuable question. Thank you for asking and sharing it. It will be good to have a similar functionality if Canvas pursues it.

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