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  • You have been given access to the sandbox, but you don't see it? If you have access to the sandbox, you should see it. How do you know you have one? Do you see it on your dashboard? If not, I can investigate to see where it is.

    • I recieved an email stating I was part of Canvas training and how to access my sandbox account. When I log in I see one course, the OL 111 course on the Dashboard. 

      • I see. There are a handful of instructors that haven't received their sandboxes yet. These instructors were new as of Spring 2018. The Technical Operations team is working to get them ready as fast as they can. If you still don't have one by the end of Monday, email me, and I'll track down your sandbox.


        • I have a sandbox environment now. Thank you so much. 

          • Glad to hear it! Thank you for checking back.

This reply was deleted.

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